"Shooter's Ledge"   $40 each

A ledge is created for the support thumb. Unique shape allow use as a reference point for consistent thumb placement 

more details click here 

Grip Chop   $100

we chop your grip to accept one size smaller magazine I.e. 17 to accept a 19 magazine 

Other Options

Our Signature Series Glock pistols start with our LVL 1 slide milling package, our Signature frame package and include a new Glock (model of your choosing*).  Base Price: $1000

For ordering:

1. Select model of pistol and options

2. Email sales@dangerclosearmament.com with order summary

3. We will invoice you via email within 1-3 business days

4. Our current lead time is approximately 8-12 weeks

We are not currently accepting customer supplied frames for Signature frame work

*Some models may effect price

Index cut   $50 

A second cut in the trigger guard. Facilitates a higher grip for your support hand and acts as a reference or indexing notch for your support hand

Pick your slide package. for more details on our slide packages click HERE 

DCA Trigger Service  $175

 We perform our highly regarded trigger job to your Glock. Pre travel is greatly reduced but is adjustable, over-travel is virtually eliminated. The trigger breaks with extreme crispness and has a very linear feel. average pull weight is 4#.  Available with our flat face shoe or with an Apex tactical shoe. 

Beaver-tail  $200

We seamlessly blend a factory gen 4 beavertail to your frame eliminates slide bite. 


Available in gold (TiN), or carbon black (AlTiN)

​​Pistol Barrel   $75

  Pistol slide     $110

RMR CUT   $125

RMR plate $30

(carbon fiber)


"Shooter's Cut"  $100

The shooters cut is a bevel on the upper inside of the trigger guard on the both sides side that allows for less interference of the trigger finger from the frame for those with large hands or wearing glove. 

for more details click here 

includes:  slide milling,

 Trijicon RMR 06, and blacked out suppressor height sights 

DCA Low profile magwell   $100

(fits 17/22/34/35/19/23 )


LVL 2 SLIDE  +$80

LVL 3 SLIDE  +$230

LVL 3.5        +$280

Dawson Fiber optic front black "Charger" rear   $80

Trijicon HD sights (orange front)   $140



Signature Series Glock Pistols

2 Tone Frame   $100 

We utilize Cerakote to achieve a 2 tone frame. Most colors available.